6 Week Online Course (10-16yrs)

Caribbean Roots:
A Practical Guide to Self Expression

Whether you live in the Caribbean or have Caribbean roots, there is a lot that we aren't taught about our history and culture.

This 6 week online course brings to life the untold stories, vibrant traditions, and rich heritage of the Caribbean in a unique way. 

Our learners get to add their voice, paint their stories and write their experiences into Caribbean history while chatting with a group of cool and passionate adults.

This is not just a course but a celebration of Caribbean identity and a journey of self-discovery. Are you ready?

Next cohort starts
Wednesday 3rd July at 4pm (TT)/ 3pm (JA)

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Why register?

It's not your typical class; it's more like a laid-back celebration of who we are as Caribbean people.

It's a chance for our teens to find and express themselves in the rhythm of our culture, with a number of adults who are curious and passionate about the stories of our past, our food, our music, our festivals, our heroes and our sheroes.

Our learners will leave with:

Enhanced communication skills

Learners will practice the art of questioning so that they can use it as a tool to navigate the world with curiosity.

A deeper understanding of their history

By enhancing understanding the context behind the stories of our past, learners will be able to appreciate some of the privileges that they have today.

Greater confidence in themselves

By exploring their personal histories and practicing the art of self expression, each learner will have new skills and stories that they can use to navigate the world in confidence.
Our team

Meet the Experts

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01 Lead Facilitator

Ms. Isabel Dennis

Director of Learning to Live
Driven by her mission to create a safe and just world in community with others and over a decade of experience in community building, cultural exploration and alternative learning systems, Isabel will guide each session to support learners to develop their leadership, communication skills and confidence through culture.

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02 Caribbean Identity

Dr. Yvonne Bobb-Smith

Librarian & Cultural Historian
Doc will be leading our discussion on what is the Caribbean and what does it mean to be a Caribbean person. She will be sharing insights as a nonagenarian while exploring questions like: Who I am? How do I know who I am? When did I come to know who I am?
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03 Heroes & Sheroes

Mr. Corey Gilkes

Historian & Traditional Mas Practitioner
Corey will be leading our discussion on Sheroes & heroes. As a researcher, wire bender and Classical/Traditional Mas performer, Corey will be sharing untold stories of Caribbean leaders in a way that humanizes them so that learners can see examples of different ways of living a fulfilled life.
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04 Rituals & Festivals

Mr. Rondel Benjamin

Martial Artist & Historian
Benjie will be leading our discussion on rituals  and festivals. As the co-founder of the Bois Academy of Trinidad and Tobago and practitioner of Kalinda, Benjie will explore the power behind rituals and festivals and teach learners how to recognize rituals and festivals in their everyday lives.

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05 Caribbean Music

Dr. Afifa Aza

Ethnomusicologist & Artist
Afifa will be leading our discussion on Music. As a DJ and Artist, Afifa will be supporting learners in  discovering new music and using the stories in music to learn about the past and how those lessons can be used to better each learner's life.
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06 Caribbean Food

Ms. Denyssa David

Environment & Rural Community Development Specialist
Denyssa will be leading our discussion on Food. As a multi-disciplinary social architect and founder of Global Villages Development, Denyssa will share her joy for taking care of food using indigenous care practices and will be helping learners understand their relationship with food.

Here's what's inside...

Next cohort starts 5th June at 3pm (-5UTC)

See what our students have to say!

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Life-changing course!

This course was a game-changer for me. I went from taking average photos to creating stunning images. Thank you for helping me unlock my potential!
Sara Willson
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Highly recommended

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their photography skills. The instructor is knowledgeable and the lessons are easy to follow.
Andrew Jackson
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Great investment

I was hesitant to spend money on a photography course, but I'm so glad I did. The skills I learned have paid off tenfold, both in my personal and professional life.
John Larson
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Very Professional!

The instructor is not only incredibly talented but also a great teacher. I left each lesson feeling inspired and motivated to take my photography to the next level
Jena Karlis

Nurture their self expression through Caribbean culture

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