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I am a Trinbagonian student of life who enjoys learning and is fiercely passionate about creating space for Caribbean people to better understand themselves in this world.

I've published papers and presented at conferences in Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico and the UK on Caribbean Culture and Education and I'm in the  process of completing a PhD on the same topic.
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Isabel centers the needs and aspirations of Caribbean people in everything she does as a researcher and educator. She creates respectful contexts for individuals to connect with each other and most importantly, themselves. Isabel is an imaginative, fearless and skilled facilitator and brings magic to any learning process.
Georgia L. - Community Development Consultant

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"I've always been somebody with very strong opinions, however, the confidence to voice them was non-existent. Well, that was before I got a mentor who changed my outlook on things. Someone who saw me and wanted to hear what I had to say. Someone who guided me to the path of understanding myself, encouraging me to own my strengths and work on my weakness. Someone who doesn't just motivate but opens your eyes so you can truly see the person in the mirror looking back at you. For me, that person was and continues to be Isabel Dennis. Supportive, patient, trusting, understanding, brilliant, beautiful, strongwilled and bold; that's Isabel. "

Jhanel Bartley

"Isabel, I want to thank you for being so persistent in getting me to come and participate [in this workshop].
I enjoyed being part of it tremendously.
I think that your perspective about how we approach the status quo is brilliant. I never looked at things like that. You have an extraordinary ability to bring people together with a sense of purpose and drive.
Keep doing what you're doing unless you're doing even better."

Gerry Anthony

 Workshop Participant
"Isabel, thank you so much for the assistance provided with my research paper and other graduate assignments.

You are so thorough and pay full attention to details. Your  excellent advice on all aspect of my research such as choosing my research questions, ensuring my paper is coherent, asking key questions which helped me to clearly identify the purpose of my research study  helped me to complete my research in one semester.

You are the best! Without you, my journey would have been very difficult."

Bettene Ross-Lawes

Graduate Student
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