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 BYJ "Hot Yoga" Experience...

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BYJ helps you feel better
so that you can be better to yourself,
your family, your co-workers and the world.
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For 10 years and counting...

Yolande Lloyd Small has been at the helm of Bikram Yoga Jamaica (BYJ) guiding the business and her clients through the ups and downs of life. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of holistic well-being, Yolande has found a remarkable way to combine her expertise as an Attorney at Law with the transformative practice of Bikram Yoga.

The BYJ Experience is for everyone!

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Wellness Seekers
Golden Agers
Recovery Navigators
Team Building & Hot Yoga

but it works!

Manage Stress

By learning and practicing breathing techniques that can be used to help calm the mind and increase focus in challenging situations.

Improve Communication

With a series of facilitation sessions that encourage deep learning of self and others while  revealing root issues that the team may face.

Increase Productivity

By investing in the wellness of your team you can reduce absences and increase efficiency, as happy teams take better care of clients & the organization.
How to extend your career &

Maintain peak performance longer?

Recover faster

Reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recovery from your training by getting rid of lactic acid with this high intensity low impact workout.

Prevent injuries

You will correct imbalances that may have cropped up as a result of training for your sport by doing this full body workout.

Improve performance

By learning to control your breathing for 90mins. Studies have shown that athletes who can control their breath perform better.
Helping you

Age with
grace + dignity

Low impact, high intensity

Get the benefit of cardio, strength training and flexibility without running, skipping or jumping, while going at your own pace!

Love the skin you're in!

By observing yourself in the mirror at every session and learning to be compassionate with yourself and where you are on your journey.

Walk taller and stronger

By practicing this series of 26 postures which strengthens your whole body and increases your mobility, balance and posture.
Improve your overall health

A mind + body workout

Relax your mind

Practice turning off the chatter in your head by learning how to stay focused and present by using your breath.

Strengthen your body

This low impact (no jumping) high intensity (cardio) workout stretches, strengthens and lengthens your entire body from bones to skin.

Spa + Exercise

You'll get a detox while exercising in a sauna-like room, then get pampered with a cold towel, coconut water and personalized feedback on your progress. A 3-in-1 experience!
It's time to

Say goodbye to chronic pain!

Improve mobility

The heated room keeps your body warm which increases the supply of oxygenated blood to your muscles so that you move with less pain and greater ease.

Correct your posture

Practice holding your body in proper alignment to strengthen your weak areas and naturally fix imbalances that may be causing your pain.

Feel more alive!

At every session you will notice improvements, which will boost your confidence and motivate you to keep getting better.

Hot Yoga is my stress buster!

Dr. Karen Phillips, President of the Association of Consultant Physicians of Jamaica (ACPJ)

Karen has been at BYJ for eight (8) years but only last year she moved from practicing once a week to practicing 3 times a week. Since then she has has seen improvements in her skin, mood and overall health. So much so, Karen has now organized her schedule so that she rarely misses a BYJ session!

My mom
who is recovering from a stroke did hot yoga

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Hot Yoga
helped me heal!

Karen P.

Terrence Robinson, BYJ Practitioner

Given the choice between surgery or steroids, Terrence found Hot Yoga! Terrence started BYJ in 2018 and after a few short months of consistent practice, he noticed that his shoulder injury was healing. (As an added bonus, he also noticed his bedroom activities improving  !)

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Exercise + Spa = BYJ

Clear your mind
Detox  your body

Age with
grace & dignity

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